Event: World Environment Day

posted: 30-05-2024

Image: Listening Party, Zoë Sadokierski, 2024

Sketching Soundscapes

Wednesday 5 June, 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Waraburra Nura, Indigenous Plant Garden
L6 (balcony), Building 1, UTS

In this free workshop, Zoë Sadokierski led participants through a guided listening experience, followed by a simple soundscape sketching exercise. The activity encouraged people to slow down, listen and reflect on ways to engage with the natural world, even in a hectic urban environment.

The listening experience was Back to Country: A Guided Reflection on Sovereignty. The project was led by Wiradjuri academic Tamara Power with creative and cultural contributions from Budawang / Yuin researcher and designer Danièle Hromek and design academic Gabriel Clark. The original script, written by Tamara Power and Maddy Lines was adapted by the team for the recording.

This free sketching session was part of the Australian Dialogues chapter of ECOARTSPACE's World Environment Day program, with place-based interventions in three time zones. See all the events: https://ecoartspace.org/worldenvironmentday2024australia

About Australian Dialogues

The Australian Dialogues formed in 2022 to nurture a conversation between Australian creatives working in the ecological space. While seeking to create hopeful actions to address the issues impacting the environments where they live and work, they also remain connected to the broader ecoartspace community. Members of the Australian Dialogue represent the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary creative practice across all states and territories of Australia. Their practices include field-based and academic research, public art, community arts and cultural development, site-specific and site-responsive art, across the visual arts, sound art, moving image, performance, and other art forms.

This group has been discussing actions and collaborations on the theme of ‘care versus management?’, and we are now planning a series of events and activities leading to a group exhibition in Western Australia in 2025 and other events in greater Australia from December 2025 to January 2026. The first of these events will be on World Environment Day, 5 June 2024.

Taking its model from the worldwide 2015 ArtCop21, where “designers, artists, architects, scientists, and international thinkers come together to respond to COP21 and imagine together fresh narratives and perspectives to reinvent new worlds”, Australian ecoartspace members will create mini-public expressions for World Environment Day. All forms of ecological art shall be publicly accessible. For example, considering the power of listening before speaking, members will be creating online and offline active listening opportunities.

Aleshia Lonsdale (Wiradjuri); Annette Nykiel; Clarice Yuen; Debbie Symons; Gloria Florez; Heidi Kenyon; Jane Richens; Kim V. Goldsmith; Lee Harrop; Linda Knight; Nien Schwarz; Pattie Beerens; Perdita Phillips; Renata Buziak; Susan Hauri-Downing; Zoë Sadokierski